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Wall Street Bourse at Museum of American Finance

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HerzogCertificate Wall Street Bourse, the first numismatic show to take place at the Museum of American Finance, will be held on October 21 and 22, 2011. Twenty-two dealers will bring stock and bond certificates and bank notes including US and worldwide rarities in a wide array of topics and subjects such as railroads, mining, autos, aviation, Internet and technology, telecommunications, and navigation.  In addition there will be autographs, coins, tokens and other ephemera related to finance and its history.  Admission to museum events, including the Bourse (which will be run by an independent numismatic group), will be free to the public from 10 am to 4 pm on both days.  Much to the delight of collectors and enthusiasts of numismatic objects, the Bourse will also feature an auction by Archives International Auctions on Friday evening at 8 pm, hosted at India House (One Hanover Square). John Herzog, founder and chairman emeritus of the Museum, says "This show should be of interest for the historical perspective it offers practitioners about companies they might be analyzing."   

Particularly of interest, the Bourse will display the New York, Newfoundland & London Telegraph Company £1000 sterling debt certificate—the only one in existence today, issued for the laying of the first Transatlantic cable. “Worth about $5000 in its day, as the pound was then worth $5, collectors might well pay twice that now,” says Herzog in reference to the certificate's value. History of the Transatlantic Cable dates back to 1747, with the mid-to-late 1700s with experiments on electricity and creation of the telegraph. There were several attempts at a cable that could span the Atlantic, after the idea was proposed in 1854, many of which failed. The successful travel of first commercial message from America to Europe was not until the late 1850s; however, the cable died. A new, better designed cable would later work perfectly in 1866. A timeline of the Transatlantic Cable can be found here.


A Massachusetts Bay Bond, circa 1777. The image in the upper left corner is the "Sword in Hand" motif, engraved by Paul Revere.
An image of the sole extant New York, Newfoundland & London Telegraph Company £1000 debt certificate. 
A 1917 US$10,000 gold certificate.

Attendees are also welcome to view captivating exhibits related to financial history, like the ever popular Alexander Hamilton rooms and the notorious Hamilton-Burr dueling statues on loan from the New-York Historical Society, and the "Scandal" exhibit, with news headlines and Bernie Madoff's Louisville Slugger baseball bat. 

For more information, visit the Museum of American Finance website.

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