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First Wall Street Collectors Bourse at the Museum of American Finance a Success

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Ribbon Cutting

The first Wall Street Collectors Bourse, held at the Museum of American Finance, on October 21 and 22, 2011, was a success with approximately 400 visitors. Twenty-three dealers participated, showing and trading their stock and bond certificates and bank notes, including US and worldwide rarities in a wide variety of subjects. In addition, there were autographs, coins, and other ephemera related to finance.

The event opened with remarks and a ribbon-cutting by the Urban Assembly School of Business for Young Women, a local high school whose students went on to tour both the money show and the Museum galleries. The Bourse also included a commemorative dinner, held at Bayard’s in India House, with remarks by David Cowen (president of the Museum of American Finance), John and Diana Herzog (formerly of R. M. Smythe & Company), Cliff Mishler (former president of the American Numismatic Association), and Luigi Rosabianca (president of the Financial District Association). At the dinner, Tiffany jewelry pieces raised $1,500 for the Museum and the Urban Assembly School.

Bourse Event
One of the students admiring the artifacts.
Photo courtesy of the American Numismatic Society.

Afterward, there was a public sale by Archives International Auctions, with a hammer total of $120,710 including premium, for an average price of $212 per lot.

The following day began with The International Bond and Share Society breakfast meeting at Financier Patisserie,  sponsored by the law firm Rosabianca & Associates, PLLC, whose managing member, Luigi Rosabianca, also serves as chairman to the newly organized Financial District Association responsible for much of the downtown community support for the Bourse. The breakfast featured speaker Bob Kluge who described a share of an early Harlem real estate company.

Before the Museum of American Finance, 48 Wall Street was home to The Bank of New York for 200 years, with the Museum inhabiting its banking floor. Both the building and museum are extraordinarily interesting places where one can view exhibits of financial stories of the past and present, including silver coins from the Spanish treasure ship El Cazador; the Alexander Hamilton Room; the “Scandal!” exhibit, featuring remainders of headlines and Bernie Madoff’s Louisville Slugger baseball bat; and a unique gold Monopoly set.

Bourse Event
Bourse attendees browse the show.
Photo courtesy of the American Numismatic Society.

A list of participating dealers, as well as a list of sponsors, is available upon request. Please contact ginnybes@gmail.com for a copy.


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Museums like this should have shops with replicas. They'd sell crazy good money. In fact, I recently just confinced a local museum to do just that (very small museum, though).

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