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Blogs for the Buyside: Sober Look

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Blogs for the Buyside

Most bloggers out there see their role as a one-man soap box—in which they can pontificate in a loud and singularly personal voice that breaks through the clutter and gives their readers no doubt where they stand.

When it works it is great, but many times it comes off as bombastic. Bloggers may feel obligated to take strong opinions when the evidence demands a more modest approach.

That is why I find Sober Look so refreshing. The anonymous blogger doesn’t need the attention that a more personal style would bring him or her. In a voice more reminiscent of the journalists at the Economist, Sober Look provides cogent analysis on macro topics that impact the markets.

While not overbearing, Sober Look presents a confident enough approach to confront a variety of issues from gold lease rates, to private banking and monetary analysis. All of this is achieved with cool analysis, references to business journalists, and relevant graphs.

Here are two of my favorite posts:

In this one, Sober Look puts a pulse on the Italian banking system, using different journalistic sources as well as primary data.

Here, Sober Look proves that “Operation Twist” is really manipulating the government bond market successfully and reminds us that things might change in June, when the program is set to expire.

The most disappointing part of Sober Look is that no one seems to comment on any of the great work going on over there. Perhaps that is one of the negative reactions to the more modest voice that Sober Look uses. No one gets offended enough to start a debate in the comments.

But, of course, that is something you can solve—go over there and comment on some of the great work that this modest analyst is doing for you.

–Aram Fuchs

Aram Fuchs, General Partner, Fertilemind Capital, is captivated by the ability of the Internet to change buyside research. He founded a website called Capitalist Collective, where he invites finance professionals to share their research and learn from others.

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