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Maximize Your CFA Status on Your CV & LinkedIn

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By now, CFA candidates know whether or not they have passed or failed. If you didn't pass this time, don't take it too badly. If you retake, use the hundreds of pre-preparation hours as an advantage. 

Of course, after results day, there's a shift in terms of candidacy statuses. For those of you who either passed or are retaking level I this December, you may be thinking about how you can best leverage your CFA status to spruce up your CV. However, one very important factor to bear in mind are the ethics and professional standards set up by CFA Institute on stating such things on your CV. Without knowing it, many candidates are in violation of these bylaws and could be sanctioned by CFA Institute.

What is needed is a definitive guide to what should go on your CV for all phases of the CFA qualification process. Combine the desire to create such a guide with my recent obsession with infographics, and you get the combination below for your viewing, sharing, and printing pleasure.


Source: 300 Hours, reprinted with permission.

The usual place to indicate pre-charterholder statuses is to list CFA Institute as an educational awarding body in the "schools and universities" section, and list your current CFA status as your most recent qualification. As shown above, at each stage of your CFA qualification process, you have to clearly state whether you are a candidate, or you have passed. You can only state that you are a candidate if you have registered for the exam, i.e., passing level I does not automatically grant you "level II candidate" status.

Note that I have not covered finer points such as what should you write EXACTLY on your CV come charterholder status, (e.g. not using the phrase "John is a CFA," etc.). I'm going to assume you already know this from your ethics studies—if not, you should brush up on ethics!


The point to keep in mind is that you cannot state, or even vaguely imply that you are a CFA charterholder, until you actually are one. There are many CVs and LinkedIn profiles that will state otherwise—a repeat offender is "CFA Charter Pending", or something similar. This is a violation of the CFA Institute Ethics and Professional Standards, and you could be sanctioned by CFA Institute for that.

If you have passed all three exams and are just waiting for work experience, I do agree with you that passing the exams is the hardest part, but you still can't imply charterholder status, or caveat it with some sort of "pending" disclaimer. You are, however, allowed to state on your CV "Passed all three levels of the CFA Program [date optional], and may be awarded the charter upon completion of the required work experience."


The key thing to bear in mind is this: You can only state fact, not projections. If you wish to state the dates of when you passed your exams, that's absolutely fine. What you cannot do is to post a date where you expect to pass a certain level or obtain your charter. Dates in the past are fine, dates in the future are not allowed.

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What about LinkedIn, an increasingly important careers channel? The steps below show you how to update your LinkedIn profile, courtesy of Stuart Mader, director of social media and online tools at CFA Institute:

These guidelines are designed to help you properly display your status as a CFA Program candidate, in accordance with Standard VII(B) of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. Because the Experience section of a LinkedIn profile is intended to display your employment experience, listing your CFA Institute membership or candidacy in this section can create the impression that you are an employee of CFA Institute, which could be considered a violation of Standard VII(B).

Fortunately, LinkedIn profiles have a new section labeled Certifications, which is specifically designed to display professional certifications and credentials. This is the most appropriate place to indicate your status as a candidate.

Step 1.

To add this section to your profile, look for the orange-hued heading, “Add sections to reflect achievements and experiences on your profile.” It should be near the top of your profile when in Edit mode. Select the Add sections link to the right of the heading, and a box will appear with the sections available to be added to your profile.

Step 2.

In the Add Sections box, choose Certifications from the list on the left, and select the blue Add to Profile button.

Step 3.

Once you click the Add to Profile button (above), LinkedIn will give you space to enter certification details as appropriate to your status.

In the Certification Name field, enter the appropriate reference to your status. If you are a candidate in the CFA Program, you may make reference to this, but you must not imply that you have any type of partial designation. You are considered a candidate in the CFA Program if:

  • Your application for registration in the CFA Program has been accepted by CFA Institute, and you are enrolled to sit for a specified exam.
  • You have completed a specific exam but have not yet received your results.

If you meet either of these criteria, you may indicate your status as a candidate using the following (based on the exam level you are next scheduled to take):

  • 2013 Level I CFA Candidate
  • 2013 Level II CFA Candidate
  • 2013 Level III CFA Candidate

In the Certification Authority field, enter CFA Institute. Leave the License Number field blank.

Once your entry is complete, choose the blue “Add Certification” button and the certification will appear on your profile.

Step 4.

Remove any incorrect reference to the CFA Charter or CFA Program from the employment experience section of your profile. Select “Edit” to the right of any listing you want to remove, and choose “Remove this position.”

Note on Step 3: If you currently aren't a candidate, but have passed a certain level, as illustrated by my infographic, you must put 'Passed Level X of the CFA exams' instead of '2013 Level X Candidate'.

–300 Hours

This article was reposted with permission from 300 Hours, a site dedicated to CFA candidates and charterholders.

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CV should be short, clear and concise. Objective in CV should match to the position to which you are applying.

Very useful information!

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