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Consulting Opportunities for NYSSA Members

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Gerson Lehrman GroupMembers of the NYSSA have the opportunity to join the GLG CouncilsSM, the world’s leading expert network, and to participate in paid consultations with Gerson Lehrman Group® (GLG) clients. This no-cost opportunity provides NYSSA members with the ability to earn consulting fees, work with savvy industry professionals, network with industry leaders, and consult at their own convenience. GLG Council MembersSM set their own consulting rates and are free to accept or decline any projects.

Founded in 1998, GLG provides technology and services to support a global marketplace for expertise—it helps its clients find, engage, and manage experts who consult on issues related to their industries. The GLG Councils—GLG’s network of subject-matter experts—is a member organization comprised of more than 200,000 physicians, lawyers, former C-level executives, academics, and other professionals worldwide. Councils Members use the GLG platform to market their expertise to clients who engage them through phone consultations, in-person meetings, events, and a variety of other formats. GLG has facilitated more than one million consultations between Council Members and clients over the last ten years.

Former buy- and sell-side analysts experienced in research and analysis who join the Councils may have the opportunity to work on projects with buy- and sell-side investors, consultants, private equity executives, and venture capitalists. These engagements, which can be either long- or short-term, include helping clients create and evaluate models, understand markets, profile companies, and forecast events.

To take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in the GLG Councils, please go to www.glgroup.com/nyssa and fill out an online application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Aronsohn, Vice President, Client Solutions, Gerson Lehrman Group, jaronsohn@glgroup.com. To learn more about GLG, go to www.glgroup.com.

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