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Committee Spotlight: Career Development Committee

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The Career Development Committee (CDC) has been one of NYSSA’s most active committees over the last several years. The CDC focuses on helping NYSSA members actively manage their careers and achieve professional growth. The committee's programs are targeted toward helping members: (i) develop themselves professionally, (ii) understand and explore career opportunities in the evolving financial services industry, and (iii) advance their careers by marketing themselves more effectively to current and prospective employers.

CDC events have been extremely well received by NYSSA’s general membership, and CDC members and event attendees have attained tangible benefits by participating in the committee’s programs.


The CDC’s primary objective is active career management. In the rapidly changing landscape of the financial services industry, it is very important to actively manage one’s career. Professionals have to keep themselves abreast of innovations in the industry, lest they become obsolete.

Finance professionals should constantly develop their soft skills to progress in their careers. Professional skills come in and out of vogue, and not knowing which skills are sought after can become a detriment to career growth. Studies have shown that those who actively develop new skills—improving upon current skills and keeping their finger on the market’s pulse—advance at faster pace than other professionals.


The CDC produces programs and events that help NYSSA members develop their careers. Its programming includes:

  1. Career Chats: Held once a month, these events bring together a select group of senior-level professionals to discuss a specific topic. Topics are chosen based on the level of importance to the financial services industry and current and potential career opportunities. Some of the recent topics included restructuring, private wealth management, fixed income, equity research, buy-side research, entrepreneurship, and emerging markets. These events are free for NYSSA members, and nonmembers can attend for a small fee. 
  2. Friday Career Coffees: Conducted one Friday a month, these events feature experts who advise participants on career development. Recent programs have focused on social networking, stress management, resume preparation, marketing, and networking. These events are also free for NYSSA members, and nonmembers can attend for a small fee.
  3. Career Fairs: The career fairs focus on bringing employers to NYSSA. Recent successful career fairs have focused on jobs within the federal government. Employers in attendance included the Fed, SEC, FBI, and CIA.
  4. Author Series: Organized by long-standing CDC member Bill Hayes, this event features popular business and finance authors. Authors discuss their recent books, their research, and answer questions from the audience. Once again, these events are free for NYSSA members.

The CDC has partnered with other NYSSA committees to produce events. Some events in the recent past were coproduced with the Student Committee and the Alternative Investments Committee. CDC members meet approximately once every two months to discuss past and future events.


CDC membership provides vast networking opportunities. These events allow members to share a stage with key industry leaders and highlight their skills to other NYSSA members. There have been several occasions of CDC members furthering their careers owing to events they produced. 

Additionally, membership in an active committee such as the CDC provides opportunities to improve leadership, organizational, and team-management skills. CDC members are frequently the recipients of NYSSA's Volunteer of the Year award.

The next Career Development Committee meeting will be held on September 15th. Check the NYSSA website for additional details.

–Thejaswi Gurumurthy is the vice chair of the NYSSA Career Development Committee. He is the cofounder and COO of Syven Global Services, a research and analytics firm.

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