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Anniversary Special: Top Ten Articles from the FPP

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It's been one year since NYSSA launched the FPP, and the readers have spoken: hot topics include career development, landing a job (not surprising!), behavioral finance, emerging markets, and quantitative methods. Here are the ten most popular articles from the previous year in case you missed them the first time around. If you would like to suggest new topics for the FPP to cover, please take a minute to fill out our reader survey. (Everyone who completes the survey is automatically entered in a drawing to win an Amazon Kindle and a selection of e-books from the FT Press.)

1. Five Things NOT to Do if You Want to Pass the CFA Exam
With pass rates lower than 50%, the CFA exams are daunting for even the most seasoned financial professionals. Approach the process strategically and avoid these common mistakes.

2. CFA Prep Podcast: Top 10 Tips for the CFA Exam
Once you've nailed the don'ts of passing the CFA exams, learn the do's from William A. Trent, director of the exam development division at the CFA Institute.

3. Six Reasons Why Wall Street's Hiring Recovery Bypassed You
Hardly a day goes by without a fresh headline about Wall Street firms adding jobs or wrestling each other for possession of a star banker or trader. Yet you're not only still looking—what gives?

4. The Three Most Common Biases of Hedge Fund Managers
For those looking to hire, the field of behavioral finance may offer particularly effective tools, not only for identifying the best emerging talent but also for detecting manager biases that may translate into future blowups.

5. Human Collateral: Older Job Hunters, Steered Away From Career Slots, Turn to Consulting
Many an older worker identifies with Casey Stengel, the great New York Yankees manager who, upon being fired, quipped: "I'll never make the mistake of turning 70 again."

6. Why Hedge Funds Don't Call You Back and What You Can Do About It
Okay, you’ve scored and aced an interview at a hedge fund, but you didn’t get a call back or even an e-mail to say “Thank you, but no.” It's a common story these days.

7. A Comparison of Professional Designations
Professional designations not only offer prestige and new opportunities to network but also can have a significant impact on your salary. They do require significant investments in time and money, though. This chart provides a side-by-side comparison of the major designations available to financial professionals.

8. Cluster Analysis as a Funds of Hedge Funds Portfolio Tool
Constructing a diversified portfolio of managers in a fund of funds requires a method for determining how the different exposures complement each other. Cluster analysis can be an important tool in this process, especially during a period of market turmoil.

9. The Worldview Guide to Global Investing
Emerging markets offer investors the possibility of outsized returns—but at the expense of outsized risks. Bruce Chadwick delivers a country-by-country analysis of markets, as well as an examination of the historical context and contemporary political climate.

10. Cold Calling: How to Break Through the Secretary
We've all been there; having found the key person in the business to speak to about a possible job in your area of expertise, you fire up for a cold call in an attempt to sell yourself. Unfortunately, rather than the man himself, you end up having to try and persuade his assistant you're worthy of his attentions.

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