The Worldview Guide to Investing in Mongolia


Mongolia, Part II: Should One Tempt the Wrath of Khan?

Ulan Bator This article follows Worldview’s earlier report on Mongolia and presents the recent performance of Mongolian equities, currency, and interest rates. One of the challenges of investing in Mongolia is that data is harder to come by than for many other emerging markets, and so this presentation will not be able to perform the full sets of analysis that have traditionally been a part of Worldview articles. For example, MSCI does not keep an index, total return or otherwise, on the Mongolian market. We do, however, take what data is available use it in the most meaningful ways available.

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Mongolia: BRIC-ing Up is Hard to Do

Mention Mongolia, and most people will conjure images of horse-mounted hordes rushing across the Asian steppes, building the largest land empire the world has ever seen. While Mongolians are understandably proud of their heritage, which has included ruling three present-day BRICs (China, India, Russia), much of the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe, the Mongolia of today is a much smaller affair, consisting of just over three million people—approximately the population of Jamaica—scattered across an area roughly the size of Iran.

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